Make Your Small Homes Posh And Luxe With The Contemporary Classical Theme 

The Contemporary classical theme is a mixture of sleek modern sensibilities that are eclectically mixed and matched with stunning and carefully selected neo-classical style items. It’s a very stylish, trendy, and elegant interior design style that makes a space feel ritzy and upscale despite being small – which is exactly why it works so well in Singaporean homes! Let’s take a look at how you can emulate it in your homes:

1. Make a hybrid statement 

Since this interior design style is very half-and-half, you need to make a statement design element that features the best of both these themes. It can be best explained with an example, so take a look at the media accent wall in this image. Half of it is designed with sleek modern fetters that represent the contemporary sensibilities while the bottom half consists of a lush, homogenous marble textured cladding that brings in a posh, neo-classical flair to the whole room! 

2. Hybrid furniture

Secondly, you need to find furniture that encapsulates the beauty of both these styles to the fullest as well. It’s very easy to find such articles in the market and if you’re wondering what they might look like, then take a look at the gorgeous sofa and coffee-nesting tables in this image. The deeply tufted, plushy designed sofa is the perfect amalgam of contemporary and classical – just like the gold and sleek white countenance of the coffee tables. 

3. Lighting plays a role

The lighting, as well as the light fixtures, play an important role in how the overall aesthetics of your contemporary classical space come across as. You can go for a mixture of bright gold and white lighting. It would be best if the gold light is emulated through a statement neo-classical style light fixture, while the ambient lighting is kept white. 

4. Accessorizing and accenting 

All the subtle decor and accessorizing elements of a contemporary classical interior design theme have to be carefully selected to complement the overall ambience. They need to go well with the lushness of the furniture scheme while retaining a certain amount of modernity. The diffuser and flower bucket along with the curtain choice in this bedroom is an amazing example of how to articulate this technique. 

5. Material and texture choice 

Lastly, your material and texture choice matters a lot while emulating the contemporary classical theme in your interior designs. Take the example of this bathroom; its matte-finished herringbone-wood statement wall wouldn’t have the same impact had it not been complemented by the rich, lavish marble accents and gold fixtures. 

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