If it’s one thing that everyone agrees on about marble, it’s that it’s a total classic. Marble accents are evergreen, timeless, and totally versatile. The best part? They can be used in a number of ways. If you love this texture as much as we do, here are 5 application ideas to luxuriate your homes with:

1. The Floor 

Marble textured floors not only look gorgeous, but you can finish them with a number of unique tile patterns. Since marble also comes in a number of colours, you can choose your pick with which one will complement your interior design theme the best. The black marble floor featured in this image exudes a gorgeous appeal and really brings out a qualitative edge within the contemporary theme.

2. In Kitchen 

The marble texture is an excellent way to furnish your kitchens with. As a floor surface, it will add a luxurious vibe. As a cabinet laminate surface, it will make a bold statement. Take a look at the kitchen interior design in this image. With both black and white marble textures on the cabinet facades, it ramps up the drama of the ambience and heightens the aesthetics two-fold.

3. On media walls

Media walls are the perfect place to exercise your marble accenting. Using this texture is a simple but excellent way to design a statement-worthy wall. You literally won’t need anything else to embolden the whole vibe. The media wall in this living room is clad in the most elegant wood and marble texture, both of which naturally enhance the quality of the simple floating console design.

4. On Vanities

Bathroom vanities are another excellent placement idea for your marble textures. They’re small in size, but make a huge visual impact within the space. Plus, applying marble accents on the vanity can elevate the whole ambience of a small bathroom.

5. On Bookshelves 

Marble textures have the ability to add dignity and stateliness to an interior design. this is why they make an excellent cladding material for bookshelves. If you look at this interior design, you’ll see how the shelves at the side have been clad in stunning marble accents of black and white, so that the end result looks positively striking!

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