Indoor is the new outdoor! Yes, you read that right. Why booking tickets and packing the bags, when you can have a staycation right at your home! Blooming technology has superpowers to deliver your favourite food, and Netflix is calling you for all the new stuff.

It’s time that you turn your home into a place with cozy ambience and luxury designs, to have a hotel-like feeling.  So why not have a holiday, all within the comfort of your home! We have some amazing staycation ideas to give your home a holiday look. Check them out!

Comfort is all that matters!

The primary point to include in your checklist is comfort. You must choose a comfortable interior for your living room. Look at the beautiful TV unit and large open windows in this living room styled with creative couch.

Also, notice the splash of neutral hues in the room, which is perfect to deliver an open and comfortable feeling. Since a wooden TV unit is the centre of attraction of any living room, make sure that it gives an interesting look to the ambience. Sit around and catch your favourite episodes with all the family members to have good family time. Sounds like a perfect plan! Isn’t it?

Creative Corner and Storage

Your staycation is incomplete without a corner that is cozy and creative. A place where you can spend your “Me-Time” should be on top of your checklist.

A beautiful peach-shaded segment with smart racks near the windows helps you delve into a new world of nature. Don’t overlook the storage shelves that hold your favourite readings.

Cozy and Welcoming Bedroom

When you check in to a hotel, there is a feeling of excitement and curiosity to experience the look of the room. From the white linens, cozy blanket to the two side tables, and pendant lights, a hotel room is completely different from your space. So why not turn your usual bedroom into a classic hotel bedroom!

Look at the soft grey headboard against a white wall in contrast with wooden bedside tables. The soft and cozy carpet are complementing the overall theme of the room.

Wonderful Water Closet

While all the rooms in your home are turning into ideal staycation rooms, don’t leave the bathroom behind! A touch of elegant and textured tiles on the wall and floating vanity design adds beauty to the restroom.

Don’t forget to add a large mirror since it makes the room look spacious and reflects the lights to brighten up space. Adding a small, lush green beauty will warm up the look. Partition the shower area with large glass elements which make the bathroom look luxurious.

Designed by Justin Ong

Final Words

I know you just can’t wait to renovate your home and turn it into a staycation of your dreams. Let every day be a vacation and enjoy life with these amazing staycation home design tips.

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