Some of us are always hungry! We keep checking out our kitchens for something to munch away the hunger. Now that kitchen is the ‘go-to’ place in every home, it is very important to give it an appealing look.

I am sure you might be thinking about how to renovate your small kitchen to make it look spacious. This post is all about it! It is very easy to refurbish your small kitchen with these interior ideas and give it a luxurious and spacious outlook. So let’s move ahead and stroll through some tips for your kitchen interiors.

1. A Multi-functional Platform

So, you are short of space in your kitchen, and that’s perfectly alright! You can incorporate a platform that proves to be multi-functional, so you can save up some space and still have a luxurious kitchen.

The white platform in the below image is a perfect example of multi-functionality. You don’t need an extra dining area or a bar platform to enjoy your food and drinks.

The white platform, paired with soft-cushioned chairs is perfect for a casual date or a quick get-together. You can use it for miscellaneous kitchen chores like chopping the vegetables or placing the food items.

The built-in oven and refrigerator make it easy to pull out your favourite food instantly. A little area, covering the oven, refrigerator, and the multi-functional platform makes it a tidy and organized kitchen.

2. Introduce Hidden Lights in Marble look Kitchen

Hidden lights give a fresh and luxurious look to the kitchen. They not only lighten up your space but reflect through the glass elements of the kitchen to add a sparkling effect. As you can see how beautifully the hidden yellow light is highlighting the marble kitchen segments.

The yellow light pairs well with the marble to give a relaxing vibe to the kitchen. When you switch off all other lights and just turn these hidden lights for a soothing effect! If you are a midnight food junkie, these lights will guide you at night in your kitchen space.

3. Incorporate Smart Storages

Designer: Justin Ong / justin@design4space.com.sg

One of the best ways to make your kitchen look spacious and unique is to install smart storages. A wall-mounted utensil holder is an easy hack to utilize your kitchen space effectively. The modular kitchen that involves several rolling shelves and partitions to organize your vessels also comes in handy while renovating your kitchen.

The above image is the ideal example of installing an organized storage area. The white cabinets with back knobs give a tidy detailing in the kitchen. The storage is designed for both lower and higher sections of the wall – a great way to utilize the kitchen space.

4. The Marble Prints in Open Kitchen

Designer: Kevin Thiam / kevinthiam@design4space.com.sg

People usually choose a marble-flooring look. But the marbles for kitchen walls and platform are trending. You can either choose the marble stone or tiles with marble print on it. It gives a cool and relaxing vibe to the kitchen.

Look at how beautifully the marble has been incorporated in the below multi-functional kitchen platform!

Final Words

I know you can’t wait to give your kitchen a makeover. Turning your small kitchen to a spacious one is fun. So which tip did you like the most!

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