The minimalist design is gaining popularity in Singapore homes. People around the globe love to live in simple, beautiful, and spacious homes. Whether you have a big house or you own a flat with limited space, minimalism design is a great option for all.

Less is more is the main motto of minimalism interior, which makes space look bigger and calm as well. For Singapore homeowners, the idea of minimalism is really compelling; it is because many people live in HDB flats with limited space for everything.

Here are the six ideas of minimalist interior designs to help you achieve the same in your home. Take a look!

Go For Flexible Floor Designs 

Designed by Vincent Chuah – vincent@design4space.com.sg 

If you are a family with one or two kids, you need to embrace open floor design in your flat. The living area open to dining space and kitchen makes space look bigger and allows enough area for kids to play.

This flat with flexible floor design looks clean and beautiful. You can easily shift the furniture from one place to others when needed. The ceiling design is a plus point of this interior. It complements everything minimalist in this room.

Opt For Smart Storage To Keep The Stuff Out Of Sight 

Cluttered space makes the room look tight and messy. However, with smart storage units in the room, you can keep things at the place and can make the space look open. This bedroom has designer shelves o wall above the study table. These shelves help hide the things and keep things out of sight, which makes space look clean and bigger.

Further, these smart storage units make the room look more beautiful and trendier as well.

Play With Clam And Neutral Shades 

Designer | Rachel Li – rachel@design4space.com.sg

The neutral shades like grey, beige, and white are famous for a minimalist interior. However, by using more than one neutral shade in your room, you can create an impressive interior. Take a look at this bedroom, the amazing way of wall paint with two shades give a new look to the room while making it minimalist.

Make Your Furniture Stylish And Minimalist 

Designer Rachel Li – rachel@design4space.com.sg 

Why ignore the bathroom when renovating home with minimalism design. To create a minimalist bathroom that looks trendy, you need to focus on textures. The bathroom with open storage shelves and cement floor tiles looks amazing.

Further, the lightly textured vanity and coloured shower wall add more interest in this open and beautiful bathing space.

Final Words

Minimalism home design is in trend and suits every home in Singapore. To design your home in Singapore with minimalist styles, take the ideas from the above inspirations.

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