5 Ways To Design The Home With Classy Contemporary Style 

The design of your home reflects your personality and taste. Small or big, it doesn’t matter, the attractive design is making most of the space. If you’re looking for an interior style that seamlessly merges the modern elements with a new twist, the classy contemporary is a great choice.

Contemporary design is an example of 21st-century architecture. In many ways, it is similar to modern architecture, including open floor plans, natural light, wooden textures, and clean geometric lines.

However, classy contemporary focuses on the latest trends of the time in which it can include a mix of modern and minimalist styles. Here are the four ways to design the home with a classy contemporary that you can use in your interior. Have a look!

1. Mix Wood and Marble Tones in Living Area

A mix of marble and wood will give the room a sleek look. Marble has made a great comeback in modern home design, and to create classy contemporary, you can use it with wood.

For example, in a thin living room floor to ceiling storage on a wall made from wood looks beautiful. Also, it adds more interest when attached to the TV unit made from marble.

2. Update Kitchen In Classy Contemporary 

The kitchen is the main part of every home. It is not only a cooking corner but also a space for parties and get-together.  So, the design of the kitchen should also match the design of other rooms in the home. Yes, you can give a classy, contemporary look to your kitchen by using wood in abundance.

For this, replace old cabinets with wooden cabinets, and to make the space look open, you can choose a light shade of wood.

3. Space Saving Storage Solution 

Classy contemporary is also about open spaces and clutter-free place. To do so, you need to think about smart storage solutions like in this image.

Using the door as a storage unit is a great way to create a unique interior design, which is useful a space-saving too.

4. Classy Dining Area In Home 

Wooden blocks on the walls of the dining area make the space look beautiful and give it a classy look as well. Further, for more interest, you can hang a stylish chandelier light above the dining table. 

5. Pop colours And Smart Storage In Bedroom 

When renovating homes with classy contemporary, do not forget the bedroom. Whether your bedroom is small or big, you can make it look attractive by using a dark colour on one of its walls.

For example, in this room, a blue-coloured wall complements all shades present in this room. Also, you can combine your TV nit and cupboards to save space in the room.

To design your home with a classy contemporary style, take help from the above inspirations.

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