In a small space, every corner and floor space counts. In this article, we will discuss clever ways of home design, which will make your space look bigger.

Small rooms with limited space can feel confining and cluttered. But with certain design hacks, you can create a comfortable space that looks open and spacious. Things like colour techniques, furniture arrangements, storage solutions, and more play an important role in visually open up space.

1. Paint Walls with Neutral Shades and Clever Contrasts

For a comfortable and open space, stick to a combination of neutral shades like white, beige, gray, and earthy tones. It is a fact that light colours make space look bigger and neutral shades are light hues that update any home design.

Further, by creating a concise neutral palette, you can create a better bedroom grounded with more space and light. White walls are more reflective and make the space feel open as well.

You can use neutral gray for the cupboards of the bedroom. By doing so, the bedroom seems spacious.

2. Lighting Is A Key Element In Opening Up Space

Lights make the room brighter, which looks open and spacious. There are two ways of lighting one is allowed natural light to come in the other is using bright ceiling lights in the room.

For natural light, you can design large open windows in the living space. It will instantly connect the room with the outdoors, and make it look bigger as well.

Use cemented tiles for the floor, as this will make your room look impressive and trending as well. For the entertainment wall, you can use beige shade and combine it with white colour. Take the idea from the above image.

3. Cut The Clutter To Make Space Look Bigger

Keep your space, be it a living room or bedroom tidy and organized. If space s full of clutter, it looks not only messy but also looks tight. However, a clutter-free space looks bigger and spacious. To keep clutter in place, you can choose a smart storage design in the bedroom.

With things out of sight and properly organized gives a feel of open space and create a comfortable room to rest. For example, in this bedroom, the storage cupboard design with space for TV is a smart idea to store things at the place. This design not only makes space clutter-free but also makes the interior look trending.

Another thing you need to focus on is the floor. Keep the floor space as clear as possible to visually increase the inches.

Final Words

As of now, you the latest ways to visually increase the space, so use these ideas in your home when planning a renovation. You can take help from the above inspirations to design your HDB flat in 2020.

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