Sometimes, despite our best efforts, home never feels as good as we’d expect it to. In fact, more often than not, many spaces become susceptible to the darkness. Often, it’s because of the use of dark colours. Sometimes, there’s not enough natural light. But no matter what the case, here are some timeless and useful hacks you can use to  fix it:

Play on Whites 

Playing on white colors always has the most impact while making a dark looking space feel bright. The reflective qualities of the white color are pretty amazing, so even if you’ve got a space without any windows, just put on some artificial lights and dress the whole space in different shades of white. You space will feel super interesting.

Adds lots of backlighting 

Another way to leech away the gloominess of any space is by adding lots of backlighting. If you’ve got shelves and other such customized elements in your spaces, then install them with backlighting so that the dark aura of your space gets neutralized by their brightness. You can also carry out a similar effect by installing cove lights in ceilings and furniture.

Bright Artwork 

Lastly, you can make the most of your dark spaces by installing a bright statement artwork in a major area. It can be a digital one, or it can also be a painting of sorts. The main thing to remember is that you must pick a piece with bold and bright colours like yellows, golds, honey, and more of the like.

Designer | Justing Ong 

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