Situated in central Singapore, this 2-bedder condominium renovated by Design 4 Space features a contemporary design with the generous use of translucent materials and warm-coloured wood. 

The homeowner of this condo in Orchard is a young couple. Their demand for stylishness is clearly manifested in this chic and warm interior which feels both spacious and luxurious. 

The creative use of reflective and transparent materials is a brilliant demonstration of the contemporary design’s utter versatility. With the magic touch of Design 4 Space, vastly different materials like metal, glass, acrylic and wood exist in harmony and compliment each other.

Maybe it’s time to consider introducing some acrylic furniture and mirrors in your home!

Geometric Lines

The one contemporary element most often seen in this design is geometric lines. The designer constructs strong and clean geometric lines with glass panels and curved lighting. 

The metal frames of the living room windows elongated the visual height of the ceiling to create a stylish, spacious look in the interior.

Notice the curved lines of the acrylic chairs. The translucence of the acrylic material serves the purpose of giving structure to the base while preserving the roomy feeling in the living room.

All the vertical lines in the living room are straight, while horizontal lines of the light and the chairs curve gently to give softness to the heavily geometric design.


The transparent glass and acrylic of the dining set echo the heavy use of glass throughout.

What’s a genius about this dining set is it almost looks invisible from some angles, just like the panelling for the staircase. How futurist is that!

This futuristic look might appear cold to some people, but the colour that you can see through the transparent materials is the warm colour of the wood.

This is where we see the value of design. The amount of thought put in this design translates into a sense of balance. This, in turn, increases the level of comfort space can offer. 

The large expanse of warm wood warms up the white walls generously. Indeed, this is an evolution of contemporary design. 

While the structures exude a sense of cleanliness, interesting textures and tones balance out the coldness of contemporary clean lines.


From the use of acrylic and mirrors, we can see that one of the key themes in this design is the play of light.

The large windows in the living room and near the staircase provide the living room with multiple sources of light. The reflective surface in turn maximises the airy, bright effect. 


Normally a large black leather sofa takes up so much visual space that only big living rooms can carry the heavy look.

However, since the white walls and transparent materials brighten the space so much, the large black sofa does not shrink the space at all.

The voluminous cushioning is easily the most attention-grabbing element in the whole living room. Here we witness how smart design can direct the purpose of space. 

In the living room where people gather, designs which attract them to the lounging area help the space to fulfil its purpose. 

Simple bedroom and bathroom designs

The design in the bedroom and the bathroom are more simplistic, compared to the living room, And reasonably so, since these two spaces are for private use and a sense of security and calm is necessary. 

The use of materials remains simplistic in the bedroom and the bathroom. 

Without a lot of intricate geometric lines, the home dwellers can truly relax and unwind after a day of work and socialising. 

Overall, this design by Design 4 Space demonstrates the importance of incorporating stylishness with practicality concerning humans needs. 

Nowadays, contemporary design has evolved so much to accommodate different human needs, like the need for warmth and comfort.

Thoughtful interior planning is always worth it, just look at this design! 

This article was originally published on HKDecoman.

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