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Our main concern with BTO flats is the lack of space – we don’t want to deal with narrow hallways and cramped rooms on a daily basis. But with the help of local interior design firm Design4space, we’ve got a few designs tricks up our sleeve. By thinking outside our usual box – a “box” of a solid wall, that is – we can make the most of what we have. 

From the illusion of high ceiling to glass room dividers, these 5 renovation tips will help transform a cramped flat into a spacious home:

1. Use glass wall dividers

A 5-room flat sounds spacious enough, but not when every corner of your flat’s blocked off – talk about being trapped in your own home! Here’s a savvy trick: replace concrete walls with glass dividers to visually open up the area. It’s one of the fundamental basics in creating an open-concept space.

While glass panels offer up an airy space, you can also choose dividers with black edging for a stylish abode.

You’ll find that natural sunlight streaming through will also brighten up your living area.

2. Invest in mirrors

Mirrors are indeed useful to give your OOTD a last check before leaving the house but are also useful in”creating” more space. If used correctly, your home can appear double it’s size@ But make sure not to place it near cluttered furniture – this’ll instead give the illusion of as messy household.

To maximise the illusion of space, try placing a mirror across a wall or opt for floor-length mirrors instead. 

We might not all be neat freaks, but no one likes having junk lying about. Stacks of magazines, useless knick-knacks, even empty plastic wrappers – and all this after a Marie Kondo sesh too. An effective way to hide that unsightly sight is by having platform beds. 

Platform beds also help physically distinguish between your sleeping area and other places – so you can have a barrier of sorts to separate your study desk or TV console. 

4. Install floor-to-ceiling shelves

Another way to create more space is by using floor-to-ceiling shelves. While many know wearing vertical stripes will make you look skinnier or taller, not many realise that it works for physical spaces too.

There’ll also be lots of practical storage space to store away all your belongings.

5. Try an open-concept bathroom

If you’re on the adventurous side and you’re OK to bare it all, glass bathroom dividers are the way to go – it immediately opens up any cramped bedroom. There’s also something relaxing about taking a bath in an airy space – while also bathing in natural light. 

Maximise HDB space with Design4Space 

It’s not easy to work with a tiny HDB flat if your dream house looks like a mansion but you’ve got no interior design skills whatsoever. In the case, it’s worth reaching out to local design firm Design4space to help sort it out – they’ve got a vast array of HDB designs that’ll help transform any cosy nook into a spacious home. 

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