The Periwinkle; A Stunning Interior Design Transformation in Singapore

Living room designed by Eddie Low /

When it comes to interior design in Singapore, a successful project is not only about aesthetics but also about creating a space that fulfils the specific needs and desires of the homeowners. In our latest project at 195 Punggol Road, we had the pleasure of working with a married couple who had unique requirements for their HDB 4-room apartment. From incorporating a makeup table with a wardrobe to creating an open and inviting dining area, this renovation project exemplifies the essence of interior design in Singapore beautifully.

The Essence of Interior Design in Singapore

Singapore is known for its diverse interior design styles and creative solutions for compact living spaces. In this project, we combined functionality with aesthetics to create a space that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of our clients.

Bedroom designed by Eddie Low/

Makeup table with Wardrobe

This renovation seamlessly integrated a makeup table with a wardrobe, providing ample storage for cosmetics and clothing items. We will take you through the clever design elements that make this space both practical and visually appealing.

Living Dining Area designed by Eddie Low/

Open Dining Space Design

The clients envisioned an open and inviting dining area that could comfortably accommodate a dining table and chairs. We will explore how we maximized space and light to create a cozy dining environment perfect for meals and gatherings.

Dining Area designed by Eddie Low /

Hidden Air Coniditioning Access

One of the project’s highlights is the concealed air conditioning access window positioned behind the makeup table. This ingenious design ensures efficient airflow while maintaining the cooling system. We will delve into the smart features that keep the home comfortable and stylish.

Before-After Kitchen area designed by Eddie Low/

Before-after bathroom area designed by Eddie Low/

Before-after living area designed by Eddie Low/

Before-after bathroom area designed by Eddie Low /

This project at 195 Punggol Road showcases the essence of interior design in Singapore – meeting the unique needs of homeowners while elevating the aesthetics and functionality of their space. From a makeup table with a wardrobe to a well-designed open dining area, every aspect of this renovation speaks to the beauty and practicality of interior design in Singapore.

Stay tuned for a detailed tour of this stunning transformation, and discover how Design 4 Space, led by Eddie Low, continues to redefine interior design in Singapore.

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Renovation Budget: $50,000
Works: hacking / vinyl flooring / tiling / painting / false ceiling / plumbing / electrical / carpentry / glass works / door / window grille / misc

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