“Efficient and responsible”

Hearing many horror stories of IDs not delivering, we were very pleased with what Vincent had done for us. We were not physically around for the renovations but we came back to a new lovely home and there weren’t much worries during the whole time.

Vincent completed the work before we moved back, from the initial discussions to the end, he knows his stuff. Though we couldn’t be around to choose items, he paired us up with his contacts and everyone was so lovely to work with.

During the process, Vincent also updates us with the house progress. When we saw the house, we knew what he put in was much more than what we had discussed. The tiny details that he didn’t bother us with, the extra steps to beautify the areas we didn’t upgrade, these were things that can only be done by an experienced ID.

Thank you so much Vincent, we are really thankful for your work for our place!