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Wayne Koo

Thank you so much Benjamin Koh from tradehub21 for our renovation. He is the best, prompt, comfortable, responsible and honest ID. 2018 Dec, I am trying to search for an ID company for my resale flat. I submitted my quotation request through Design 4 Space official website and Benjamin contacted me for a meet up to discuss about our preference and budget. He was the first ID I met and during the discussion he is patiently explain to us on our doubts, ideas, and some practical opinion of renovation idea that we mentioned and suggest us other practical idea which budget is lower and meet our need.
Before we met benjamin, we did some survey and read some negative reviews from other peoples about their ID. We were afraid to get an ID who keep on give you suggestion on the renovation idea which is pricey but not practical in actual and trying to persuade you to proceed with the idea and refuse/slow respond to rectify defects detected by owner during or after renovation.
During the discussion, Benjamin recommend us to drop/change some renovation idea which is not practical and not worth the price. After the first meet up, we did not look for other ID and went back to Benjamin as we feel comfortable to talk to him for any of our idea and doubts on renovation. Regardless meet up or through Whatsapp, he is always patiently explain to us the pro and cons of the renovation idea and even some furnitures/toiletries/home appliance base on his past usage experience.
During renovation period, we only manage to check our unit on weekend and he is promptly update us about renovation progress during weekdays and even rectify any defects detected by him then give us an update before and after rectify. If there is any defects highlighted by us on weekend he is getting it rectify within 1-2days.
Benjamin is able to follow up every issue closely and solve it fast without any delay on renovation period. He is a good planner and It is very comfortable to work with him.After renovation done and unit handover to us for a week, We contacted Benjamin for drainage issue which is not so much related to renovation defects. He immediately come to us on next day to help us solve the issue by himself without any delay. Benjamin is still promptly respond to us even after renovation completed. Workmanship quality of Benjamin teams is awesome.
It is very lucky and best experience we have to meet Benjamin for our renovation.It is highly recommend to look for Benjamin Koh from Tradehub21 for your renovation. You will have the same experience as mine without any hassle/worry on your renovation or any defects found.

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