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Rohaya Ummu Nashwan

Thank you Design 4 Space ID: Shermin Lee Budget: under $20, 000 5-ro om HDB The main reno (carpentry, wirings, floorings, and painting) took about 10days as promised. Even when there were things need to be amended and look into, Shermin made it a point to resolve the situation a.s.a.p. Of course during the renovations, there were bound to be miscommunications which is inevitable but these were resolved quickly according to our needs and wants. We are happy with the outcome. I must say and praise the carpenters who were assigned to do my carpentry works, deliver a tremendous workmanship. They were very accomodating. The Aircon guys, Electricians, and Painters especially, came few times to rectify things which I pointed out. I am also happy with my heavy duty kitchen door. The design Shermin recommended was practical and good. Shout out to LeGate too for doing up my "invisible grilles". At last my cats are safe now even if they climb the windows. The glass backing for my son's study room was done up nicely with no ugly partitions and the glass door hinges in my master room toilet was done firmly and "solid". The 3D drawings of this picture is very close to the actual works. Thank you Guys. U did a great job.
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