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Bathroom spaces are often overlooked when it comes to designing a home

June 18, 2019


We want to tell you something: small spaces don't have to feel cramped. Making the most out of small spaces is a matter of design. Figuring out how to maximise a small space, like your bathroom, is something that passionate interior designers take as a fun challenge. In fact, here are some design hacks to make your small bathroom feel a lot bigger. 



One way to make any space feel bigger is to trick the eye into thinking that there is more space than there really is. An easy way to make your bathroom feel bigger is to open up the space by removing wall partitions. 

But an open bathroom has its own issues, and no one wants a bathroom that's wet all the time. If sliding bathroom doors take too much space, and shower curtains visually cut the space, the best option is to get a glass partition between the toilet and shower area. This solves the problem of shower splatter all over the floor while making the space feel more open. 





Another visual trick is to avoid placing too many bulky items in theroom. A floating sink created a sense of space without feeling like you have to manoeuvre around your bathroom. The empty space underneath the sink can also accommodate a small trolley for towels or a hamper for laundry. 

Wall-mounted faucets can also visually keep things "off the counter" functions exactly the same way as faucets attached to the sink. They give a romantic and rustic look associated with bigger bathrooms. 




Shelving, when designed poorly, can make a bathroom feel more enclosed. To work around this, recess the shelves into the walls. This puts your toiletries out of the way and adds visual interest to your space, making it feel tasteful and well thought out. 





On the topic of storage, another way to maximise the look and feel of a small space is to make sure that there is little clutter to take up your visual perspective. Have your toiletries hidden in a cupboard behind a mirror to make your space look clean and streamlined. 




More hacks to give you the illusion of space - doubling the size of a bathroom mirror reflects the rest of the room to make it look bigger. The size is especially handy when you're sharing the bathroom with your spouse and both of you need to do your morning routines at the same time. 



The Tub/ Shower hybrid


When you have a limited space to work with, it can be useful to ensure some of your facilities are dual purpose. A bathtub that doubles as a shower area is a great way to enjoy two things in one space - quick showers in rushed mornings, and a relaxing soak for quiet weekend evenings. If you're worried your bathroom can't fit a tub, don't, there are now tubs small enough to serve a modest space. 





While fluorescent overhead lighting is the usual for bathrooms, it makes it look sterile and uninviting. Created a sense of drama with the right lighting without detracting from the space: install lights in strategic areas, like behind the mirror, over the counter or as corner dim lights, to make the space feel grander. 

Bathroom spaces are often overlooked when it comes to designing a home, but it is one of the most important things to make cosy. At the end of the day though, a design should cater to your preference. At Design 4 s Space, we can help you figure out the style that you want for your bathroom. 

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