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5 Things to Look Out For When Choosing an Interior Designer

March 21, 2019

"Are you looking at getting a new design for your space?"


Whether you have a new home or you just want to renovate a part of your current place, you will need to hire an interior designer who will help you build the perfect plan. However, choosing one of your projects is not an easy task. After all, you would have to live with the same design for a long time after it's done so you could not risk choosing the wrong person for the job. 

Thus, Design4Space has listed out five things you need to take note of before signing your contract with an interior designer. 


1. Sample Designs

It's wise to ask the designer you're consulting for his previous projects to check if his designs match your personal style. While it's true that we all have our unique preferences, having a design whose style complements yours will make it easier to talk out ideas. 

In our experience, we can say that it's better to visit a finished product or a project currently in renovation rather than just checking out photos. This will make you see how the designer really works and gain some inspiration for your own design. 


2. Flexibility

Though you're most likely to find a designer who will match your style, you'll still surely be able to pinpoint some differences, and your designer should be able to adjust on that. Remember that you're the boss of your own home - the designer could go just as far as suggesting but the final say will always be yours. Like any other professional, an interior designer should be open to other suggestions, criticisms, and ideas. 

3. Budget

When it comes to refurbishing your place, it's important to stay within your means. Your designer may have an exquisite design in mind, but if it exceeds your budget, it's just not ideal. Some IDs could be overeager and push to implement their ideas even when no feasible, but you should not let this change your decision. Communicate with your design about specific payment terms and make sure that these are itemised on the contract. 


4.  Schedule of  Work

Ask the designer for his work schedule. You must gauge how long it will take for your designers to accomplish the whole design. Moreover, you should make sure that your designer is not too much loaded with other projects as this may be a cause of delay on your side.

In the same manner, both the client and designers must be aware of the delegation of tasks. This will not only keep track of the people to hold responsible in case of mix-ups but will also avoid overlaps which waste a significant amount of time.


5. Social and Environmental Concern

Choose a designer who is for sustainability and who knows how to maximise resources from the environment. Green designs are known to save substantial costs and reduce the harmful effects brought by inefficient materials. Similarly, your designer must only canvass for items that come from just business practices and safe manufacturing processes.

Keeping these in mind, you're sure to find the right person who will help you experience a smooth process in achieving the design of your dreams! 


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